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How to get to Huatulco

Planning your trip ...

Huatulco has an International Airport that receives flights from the interior of the republic, the United States and Canada, within the national lines you have the options of Interjet, Aeroméxico, Volaris, Magnicharter, Viva Aerobus or TAR among others . Direct flights are received from the United States and Canada through the charter companies that operate in the winter months.

Arriving in Huatulco by road is a long journey, you have to be careful because of the geography of the place, there are curved areas where you cannot exceed 60 kilometers per hour but calmly you will enjoy the various landscapes that the way.

Coming from the center of the country via Oaxaca, the highway offers us great comfort. From Oaxaca to the coast, the roads are federal and two options can be taken: The first one takes direction to the Isthmus via Salina Cruz, which will take us approximately six and a half to seven hours of driving from Oaxaca City.

If we choose the option of the sierra via Pochutla, the driving time is shorter due to the proximity of the route, with the characteristic that it is a narrower road and with a greater number of curves; however, the time leaving Oaxaca City is approximately five and a half to six hours.

You can take the route via Acapulco where the arrival time leaving this city is seven hours, this route does not have as many curves but stops, so be especially careful with the suspension and road markings.

It can also be reached via Veracruz, on the Córdoba highway, taking the detour to La Tinaja, and then to Acayúcan, heading towards Matías Romero to reach the federal highway on one side of Salina Cruz, it is a very comfortable route because it only It has a very small stretch of curves from Salina Cruz to Huatulco, the journey time leaving the city of Puebla is nine and a half hours.

If they come from the Southeast of the Country through Chiapas, it is very close since it is taken towards Salina Cruz and also the only stretch of curves is from Salina Cruz to Huatulco having an approximate time of six hours leaving from Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

Recommendations for the road trip.

The route you take without a doubt is going to be a good option since the roads are in good condition, if you are an expert behind the wheel and you like to enjoy the landscape without caring about the curved area, take the options of the mountains, If you like to drive a little fast, opt for the options where highway sections are used, it is very important to recommend them to save on your trip to avoid buying in the stores of the booths since the cost of any food or drink triples your Original price and damages our vacation budget.

If you do not want to drive, Huatulco has two passenger bus terminals where you can choose between the ADO and Estrella Blanca bus lines depending on which part of the country you visit.

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