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Flora y Fauna

The flora and fauna of the place is an immense attraction for Huatulco since we will find tree species such as tepeguaje, ficus mecianos, colorín and mangroves in the coastal cord. The fauna includes the armadillos, white-tailed deer, opossums, iguanas, boas and vipers, as well as an extensive variety of birds where the most characteristic are magpies, grazers, hummingbirds, hawks, pelicans, gulls, sparrows and parrots.

Huatulco has an extension of 21,000 hectares of which 16,400 are destined for the regeneration and conservation of the ecological balance, and within which we find the Huatulco National Park declared in 1998 by the Federal Government as a protected natural area with the aim of conserving the natural and cultural resources of the southern coast of Oaxaca, thereby protecting 413 plant species, 130 species and subspecies of mammals, 291 species of birds, 72 species of reptiles and around 15 amphibian species, which represent the great biological variety that It is part of the regional and world heritage, as well as to promote the performance of scientific, educational, recreational and cultural activities under a principle of conservation and restructuring, rational management and sustainability.

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