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Bahía de Santa Cruz

Bay 6/9

Scenario of the traditions of the Huatulqueño origin, here are located the beautiful beaches of La Delivery, Yerbabuena and Punta Santa Cruz.


It has a pier created for the reception of cruises, thus modifying the old image of the Bay in a modern tourist commercial area. Famous for its walkways that connect the restaurants to the main square and the beautiful church built in commemoration of the Santa Cruz (holy cross). It is one of the most beautiful bays in the development and is one of the most central and beautiful residential areas of the development.

It has calm waters that allow swimming safely.

In the plaza there is a kiosk surrounded by lush trees that provide shade to enjoy a walk or a good regional coffee; The services in the bay are growing day by day, we find 4-star hotels, a pier where most of the boats go on tours to meet different bays, a craft market, banks, a supermarket, motorcycle rental companies, a beach club, a disco and other stores.

Bahía de Santa Cruz
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