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Welcome to Huatulco!

Over time, Huatulco has become one of the most valued tourist destinations by national and foreign visitors. The beauty of Huatulco lies in its harmony with the nature, the cleanliness, and the commitment of a tourist destination concerned with the care of the natural resources and the low impact to the environment, resulting in attaining the Green Globe certification; international recognition for sustainable tourism with wide global recognition.

Huatulco is located between the Mexican Pacific and the mountains of the Mixteca mountains, so its landscapes are impressive, it is an unusual development, it covers 35 kilometers of coastline and it is located between the Coyula and Copalita rivers.

In Huatulco rest 9 beautiful bays: San Agustín , Chachacual , Cacaluta , El Órgano , Maguey , Santa Cruz , Chahué , Tangolunda and Conejos .

Of these nine bays, five are for tourism development and four are considered natural areas where only eco-tourism projects can be carried out.

These bays add 36 beaches, each with its own characteristics of natural beauties, some have soft and golden sand with water of different shades due to the depth of its seabed, while in others its attraction lies in the vegetation and marine fauna where they predominate the oyster, the lobster, the turtle, the red snapper, the clam and the snail.

Here you will not find tall buildings since only a maximum of 4 floors are allowed, the architectural image is very careful and always attached to the colonial style of the place, the colors are warm and soft combining with the blue of the sky and the sea. Bahías de Huatulco a small community with just 5 traffic lights on its most important cruises, this gives an idea of ​​the tranquility of its avenues that have beautiful and well-kept gardens.

Within the stay of each traveler, two very important things are perceived: the warmth and charisma with which the Huatulqueños receive visitors; fruit of an education that expresses its culture generating a warm impression. And the second, the security that you have in Huatulco does not compare with any place in Mexico, walking through its streets quietly is highly valued by visitors leaving good memories and resulting in that after knowing this beautiful paradise they want to return again .

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